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A Structure That Grows With You

A Plan That Always Fits You

An HR Solution That Actually Works

The Truth About Growing Quickly

Fast-growing companies are always moving forward into new heights and new levels. The tricky part is that HR structures don’t naturally or easily scale themselves. This means the structures you may have set up recently no longer fit your organization and can leave you open to stunted growth, breakdowns of your teams, and even litigation or fines.

Most fast-growing companies find that the sky is not the limit for them – their HR structures are.

What you need is a scalable HR solution that can grow as fast as your company.

HR Solutions You Need
Without the Stuff You Don’t

You don’t want to waste time or money on things you don’t need. That’s why we’ve structured our services to meet the most pressing needs most leaders of fast growing companies face.

Fractional HR Services

Fast-growing companies often need a head of HR but aren’t quite ready to bring on a full-time C-Suite level hire in this role.

With Fractional HR Services, you get the benefits of an experienced HR professional without the added payroll expense of an executive hire.

HR Advisory Services

Leadership roles can be isolating, and that’s especially true for anyone with HR decision making responsibilities.

Where do you turn, when the challenges you’re facing are about the people whose input you would normally consult?

We’re here as a trusted consultant for C-suite and HR leaders, guiding them to build strong organizational structures and working teams; navigate difficult situations, like layoffs or high-level terminations; and make strategic decisions that set their companies up for long-term success.

Proprietary HR Assessment

Out of necessity, many rapidly growing organizations have patched together their current HR structures.

Our assessment process audits your HR processes for blind spots, weaknesses, and risks – and then we put together a plan for fixing them.

Your team can complete this assessment as a standalone diagnostic, or you can invite our team to help with ongoing fractional support.

Let's Make a Plan for Your HR Structures to Scale as Fast as the Rest of Your Company

We Get It.

We’ve worked with countless leaders and have seen the kinds of struggles they are facing when it comes to creating HR structures for their companies. 

Over the last 15 years, we have been creating world-class HR structures for fast growing companies. Our team has helped companies get past HR constraints that were slowing growth as well as avoid millions of dollars in fines, penalties, and legal fees.

We can do the same thing for you.

A Few Client's We've Helped

As our company experienced rapid growth, we recognized the need for strong HR expertise to support our expanding operations. The Carolyn Brand Group proved to be the perfect partner in scaling our HR capabilities. They brought a combination of strategic and administrative expertise, allowing us to establish robust, tailored HR practices. Thanks to their exceptional work, we not only professionalized our HR practices but also witnessed an increase in employee engagement. The Carolyn Brand Group's comprehensive approach helped us create a positive work environment, fostering stronger relationships between management and staff. We are highly satisfied with the expertise and support provided by the Carolyn Brand Group. Their contribution has been pivotal in ensuring the success of our growing company. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organization seeking to elevate their HR practices and improve employee engagement.

Mike Ary, President and CEO @ ACEYUS

Situation: The impact of Covid devastated our business, and we faced the daunting task of rebuilding our team swiftly to meet or surpass our revenue targets for the year. Response: The Carolyn Brand Group emerged as our saving grace during this challenging period. They quickly familiarized themselves with our business and wasted no time in implementing a robust HR structure to support our hiring efforts. Outcome: Thanks to the exceptional work of The Carolyn Brand Group, not only did we achieve our revenue target by the end of the first year, but we also experienced an impressive 25% increase in revenue. Finding and partnering with The Carolyn Brand Group stands as one of my most significant accomplishments during this tumultuous time. Overall Satisfaction Level: I cannot express enough how satisfied we are with The Carolyn Brand Group's exceptional services. Their swift response, deep understanding of our business, and ability to establish an effective HR structure have been crucial to our remarkable recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend The Carolyn Brand Group to any organization in need of fast and reliable HR solutions.

Ali Aydar, CEO @ Sporcle

How to Get Started

1. Schedule a Consultation
1. Schedule a Consultation

During this free consultation, we’ll discuss the specific challenges your company is facing and see what kind of scalable HR solution is right for your team.

2.Get a Scalable HR Solution
2.Get a Scalable HR Solution

From there, we’ll get started with assessing and building the HR structures you need without the BS you don’t.

3. Keep on Growing
3. Keep on Growing

Now that your HR structures can grow as quickly as the rest of your company, you’ll be able to keep hitting record quarters without hitting that plateau that comes with risky and outdated HR structures.

Free Download of "Navigating the HR Maze: 8 Critical Blindspots Fast-Growing Companies Must Address"

Rapid growth presents a unique set of challenges for businesses, and HR departments are no exception.

As your company scales, it's crucial to stay ahead of potential pitfalls that can derail your success. This eBook highlights eight common oversights that can lead to costly mistakes, legal troubles, and diminished employee morale.

We've designed this resource to help business leaders better see these blindspots and get ahead of them before they hurt your company.

By addressing these blindspots, your company will be better equipped to maintain its momentum and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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