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Here to advise,

not to take over

The right HR solution doesn’t try to change where you’re going. It gets you there faster, with happier people

Bringing Calm, not panic.

HR issues are nerve-wracking enough. You need actionable advice that helps you make the next best choice. You don’t need to dwell; you need to move forward.

We’ve created world class HR structures that help growing companies looking to scale and make decisions, while taking care of their people, avoiding unnecessary risk, and maintaining collective sanity.

We spend most of our waking hours thinking about HR so that you don’t have to.

Meet Carolyn.

Carolyn Brand, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is our CEO & President. With over twenty years of executive-level HR experience behind her, she’s the confidant you’re looking for, when facing any complex HR situation.

She’s a realist, a trusted advisor, and a straight-shooter. But, she matches her candor with a wit and a disarming bedside manner that sets you, and your entire organization, at ease.

With the right information, and the right guide to help you apply it, virtually all problems have solutions. Carolyn is passionate about helping you identify and solve the problems that are preventing your team from scaling.

For Carolyn and her team, HR is like gasoline, not caution tape. Let’s fill your tank and get going.

Who we are



Transformative solutions for our clients through our unique combination of experience, insight, creativity, and practicality.



Commitment to the growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction of our employees propels us forward.



Encouraging equal access to opportunities and nurturing growth for all individuals regardless of background.



Navigating the intricate web of serious issues with confidence, honesty, optimism, and purpose.