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Strategic HR Advisor

Take HR from a pain to a paycheck.

With the right strategies, HR can become an indirect revenue source for your company. Our strategic HR advisors can help you get there.

Bringing a cool head and clear advice, not another reason to worry.

For a long time, HR professionals were sort of like that chicken that runs around saying the sky is falling. Everything is a risk. Everything is a reason for concern.

HR teams, as many of us know them, may as well be the IRS showing up with everyone’s favorite news: “you’re being audited.”

OR, the endless stacks of employee complaints, or that possible lawsuit, can quickly transform humans from the best part of your job to the biggest reason you dream of quitting and opening a fruit stand on the Florida Keys.

We promise there’s a reason to hope.

Our strategic HR advisory services were designed to address the biggest annoyances and obstacles that steal your time and focus, make your head feel like it’s going to explode, and make you want to replace your entire staff with manatees. (At least they always look happy).

It works. Our HR strategic advisors have helped executive teams:

  • Scale high-growth organizations
  • Hire quality employees, ranging from interns to executives
  • Identify strategic hires to grow the business
  • Mitigate turnover of key staff and avoid big revenue losses
  • Institute succession planning processes and identify trustworthy future leaders
  • Bring employee retention up to 97% by identifying and creating communication channels and feedback loops
  • Save millions in legal fees and reputational risks


HR matters are often so sensitive and confidential that the very people you would like to turn to for advice are excluded from consideration, because they’re somehow involved.

When you add the weight of possible failure, and the ramifications to your business’s reputation and legal standing, it can get even more daunting.

A lot of leaders are forced to make the most challenging decisions of their careers alone, without advice or even a sounding board.

We want to change that. Our strategic HR advisors are peer-level coaches who take the time to get to know you, and then offer proven solutions and strategies to help you take the next step. And then the next one, until you’re where you want to be.

Our strategic advisors help CEOs and other leaders with common challenges like:


  • Building strong organizational structures for growth and scale
  • Coaching VPs on better working relationships with their teams and peers
  • Facilitating strategic decision-making for HR teams
  • Guiding on hiring top HR talent
  • Surveying employees and implementing strategic actions to address their input
  • Strategizing for the best possible outcomes for layoffs and other touch situations
  • Dealing with tough team dynamics and leadership-level disagreements

Free Download of "Navigating the HR Maze: 8 Critical Blindspots Fast-Growing Companies Must Address"

Rapid growth presents a unique set of challenges for businesses, and HR departments are no exception.

As your company scales, it's crucial to stay ahead of potential pitfalls that can derail your success. This eBook highlights eight common oversights that can lead to costly mistakes, legal troubles, and diminished employee morale.

We've designed this resource to help business leaders better see these blindspots and get ahead of them before they hurt your company.

By addressing these blindspots, your company will be better equipped to maintain its momentum and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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